2014 Movie List

Follow along my year to date watched movies. Goal is 365 ūüôā Starting strong!

1. When Harry Met Sally
2. Eichmann
3. The Good Shepherd
4. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
5. Anchorman 2
6. Milwaukee, Minnesota
7. Lovelace
8. I Give It A Year
9. Soldier’s Girl
10. Barbershop
11. Her
12. Due Date
13. The Lone Ranger
14. Wolf of Wall Street
15. A Single Man
16. Barbershop 2
17. Hope Floats
18. My One and Only
19. Terminator: Salvation
20. The Fifth Element
21. Sweet Home Alabama
22. Fragments
23. Rock ‘n’ Rollla
24. The Blind Side
25. Gothika
26. Obsessed
27. Possession
28. Labor Day
29. The Fall
30. Soldier’s girl
31. Captain Phillips
32. Blue Jasmine
33. Wuthering Heights
34. West Side Story
35. Forrest Gump
36. When In Rome
37. Marmaduke
38. Rush
39. The Recruit
40. Lake City
41. White House Down
42. Battleship
43. 12 Years A Slave
44. Dallas Buyers Club
45. August: Osage County
46. We’re The Millers
47. Pretty Woman
48. State and Main
49. The Game Plan
50. Robocop
51. Winter’s Tale
52. Pompeii
53. Bad Words
54. The Lego Movie
55. Coriolanus
56. He’s Just Not That Into You
57. My Fellow Americans
58. Need for Speed
59. Three Days to Kill
60. Zombieland
61. We Are Marshall
62. Emperor
63. Vantage Point
64. Speed Racer
65. Cheaper by the Dozen 2
67. 300: Rise of an Empire
68. Scott Pilgrim
69. Monsters
70. This is the end
71. Life As A House
72. No Strings Attached
73. Love and Other Disasters
74. I am Reed Fish
75. Catching Fire
76. Double Jeopardy
77. Thor: The Dark World
78. Lockout
79. Vertical Limit
80. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
81. Inside Llewyn Davis
82. The Vow
83. Julie & Julia
84. The Veronica Mars Movie
86. North Country
87. Made of Honor
88. Pride and Glory
89. About Time
90. Real Steel
91. My Boyfriend’s Back
92. Drinking Buddies
93. How to Lose Friends & Alienate People
94. Grand Budapest Hotel
95. Taken 2
96. The Life Aquatic
97. Captain America: Winter Soldier
98. The Best and Brightest
99. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
100. Neighbors
101. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
102. Wedding Crashers
103. Let’s Be Cops!
104. The Covenant
105. Easy A
106. The Education of Charlie Banks
107. Red 2
108. Only Lovers Left Alive
109. Spread
110. Draft Day
111. Shes the man
112. Rachel Getting Married
113. Leap Year
114. Mortified
115. The Amazing Spiderman 2
116. Captain America
117. You’ve Got Mail
118. The Architect
119. Dear John
120. Saving Private Ryan
121. The Internship
122. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
123. What’s Your Number?
124. Safe Haven
125. Mamma Mia
126. Hot Tub Time Machine
127. Push
128. Godzilla
129. Iron Man 3
130. The Nanny Diaries
131. Black Swan
132. CHEF
133. A Million Ways To Die In The West
134. Single White Female
135. The Roommate
136. X-men: days of future past
137. Gone
138. Sgt. Bilko
139. The Apparition
140. Eat Pray Love
141. Captain America: Winter Soldier
142. Indiana Jones: Raiders
143  Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom
144. Indiana Jones: Last Crusade
145. Indiana Jones: crystal skull
146. What About Bob?
147. Back To The Future
148. Gambit
149. Pompeii
150. Edge of Tomorrow
151. Skateland
152. 22 Jump Street


Movie List Year To Date

Follow along my year to date watched movies. Goal is 365!

  1. Looper
  2. Pajama Game
  3. Moonrise Kingdom
  4. Mr. Deeds
  5. The Watch
  6. X-Men
  7. X2
  8. Sleepless in Seattle
  9. The Covenant
  10. Battleship
  11. John Carter
  12. Gangster Squad
  13. Les Miserables
  14. John Carter
  15. X3: The Last Stand
  16. Silver Linings Playbook
  17. The Bang Bang Club
  18. Monsters, Inc.
  19. Groundhog Day
  20. Battleship
  21. Post Grad
  22. Princess Diaries
  23. Princess Diaries 2
  24. Battleship
  25. Sex and the City
  26. Sex and the City 2
  27. John Tucker Must Die
  28. Pitch Perfect
  29. Warm Bodies
  30. Zero Dark Thirty
  31. Identity Thief
  32. Seven Psychopaths
  33. Calamity Jane
  34. Excess Baggage
  35. American Beauty
  36. Good Day To Die Hard
  37. Pitch Perfect
  38. Gospel Hill
  39. The Breakfast Club
  40. Australia
  41. Wild Wild West
  42. G. I. Jane
  43. Romeo & Juliet
  44. Bring It On
  45. Mission to Mars
  46. Steel Magnolias
  47. Wolverine
  48. X-Men: First Class
  49. In The Army Now
  50. Brave
  51. Up in the Air
  52. Bad Boys 2
  53. The Sound of Music
  54. Inglorious basterds
  55. Super 8
  56. You’ve Got Mail
  57. Snitch
  58. Jack the Giant Slayer
  59. Breaking Dawn pt2
  60. Dead Man Down
  61. Dragon Tattoo
  62. Skyfall
  63. The Town
  64. In Bruges
  65. Breaking Dawn pt2
  66. The Host
  67. Percy Jackson
  68. I Am Number 4
  69. G.I. Joe Retalliation
  70. Jurassic Park 3D
  71. The Host
  72. Bridesmaids
  73. Inglorius Basterds
  74. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  75. When in Rome
  76. Tru Loved
  77. Bachelorette
  78. Anchorman
  79. Iron Man 3
  80. Cheaper By The Dozen
  81. Flight of the Phoenix
  82. Twister
  83. The Losers
  84. Sweet Home Alabama
  85. Colombiana
  86. Apollo 13
  87. Fatal Attraction
  88. Sweet November
  89. End of Watch
  90. Constantine
  91. One For The Money
  92. Take This Waltz
  93. Friends With Kids
  94. Life Happens
  95. Hercules
  96. Butter
  97. Heathers
  98. Bridesmaids
  99. Thor
  100. This Means War
  101. TITANIC
  102. Identity Thief
  103. The Notebook
  104. XX/XY
  105. Wicker Park
  106. The Faculty
  107. My Girl
  108. Dead Man Down
  109. Dare
  110. White House Down
  111. Pacific Rim
  112. The Heat
  113. Slums of Beverly Hills
  114. My Girl 2
  115. Legion
  116. Who’s Your Monkey?
  117. Citizen Gangster
  118. Wimbledon
  119. Cloverfield
  120. Side Effects
  121. Tanner Hall
  122. Hansel & Gretel
  123. Panic Room
  124. Speak
  125. Zathura
  126. The Messengers
  127. In The Land of Women
  128. The Yellow Handkerchief
  129. Twilight
  130. Adventureland
  131. New Moon
  132. Welcome to the Riley’s
  133. Runaways
  134. Eclipse
  135. Pink Panther
  136. Breaking Dawn Pt 1
  137. He’s Just Not That Into You
  138. Movie 43
  139. On The Road
  140. Snow White & The Huntsman
  141. Gigantic
  142. Breaking Dawn Pt 2
  143. Pitch Perfect
  144. Deep Blue Sea
  145. JAWS
  146. To The Wonder
  147. ShopGirl
  148. The Big Wedding
  149. Grease
  150. Tonight, You’re Mine
  151. Tiny Furniture
  152. Percy Jackson 2
  153. Elysium
  154. Practical Magic
  155. Wayne’s World
  156. The Beginners

  157. Bourne Legacy
  158. 9 to 5
  159. Perks of Being a Wallflower
  160. 500 Days of Summer
  161. Passengers
  162. The Abyss
  163. The Impossible
  164. Rock of Ages
  165. Center Stage
  166. Star Trek
  167. Pitch Black
  168. Chronicles of Riddick
  169. Riddick

  170. 2Fast 2Furious
  171. Olympus Has Fallen
  172. Place Beyond the Pines
  173. Serenity

  174. Little Children
  175. Speed
  176. Young Adult
  177. October Sky
  178. Miss Congeniality
  179. World War Z

  180. Broken Flowers
  181. The Bling Ring
  182. The Great Gatsby
  183. The Birds
  184. The Sapphires
  185. Cry_Wolf
  186. The Craft
  187. The Fly
  188. Gravity
  189. Runner, Runner
  190. Disturbia
  191. I Know What You Did Last Summer
  192. Possession
  193. Sleepy Hollow
  194. Beetlejuice
  195. Devour
  196. What Lies Beneath
  197. Cursed
  198. The Addams Family
  199. The Addams Family Values
  200. The Village
  201. Red Riding Hood
  202. Sweeney Todd
  203. Edward Scissorhands
  204. Wolfman
  205. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  206. Our Idiot Brother
  207. Admission
  208. Much Ado About Nothing
  209. Arthur Newman
  210. About Time
  211. Misery
  212. The Sixth Sense
  213. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
  214. Young Victoria
  215. Fiddler on the Roof
  216. Ghostbusters
  217. Hocus Pocus
  218. Thor Thor 2
  219. Velvet Goldmine
  220. Girl, Interrupted
  221. Happy Gilmore
  222. Inventing the Abbotts
  223. Prometheus
  224. Wizard of Oz
  225. Gladiator
  226. 21 Jump Street
  227. Delivery Man
  228. Walk the Line
  229. Quills
  230. Blow Dry
  231. Valentine’s Day
  232. I don’t know how she does it
  233. Love, Wedding, Marriage
  234. Slightly single in LA
  235. The Last Word
  236. Red Dawn
  237. Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  238. Pirates 4: on stranger tides
  239. Signs
  240. Date Night
  241. Journey to the Center of the Earth
  242. Limitless
  243. The Watch
  244. Hangover III
  245. Wrath of the Titans
  246. American Reunion
  247. Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  248. Trouble with the Curve
  249. Star Trek: Into Darkness
  250. Pulp Fiction
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Movie43 *smh*


Alright this one I actually live tweeted while watching, I think you’ll be able to tell how I felt about it through these brief notes.


Let’s Play Guess What I’m Watching


Tim Riggins

Jason Street

Lyla Garrity

Smash Williams

Matt Saracen

Kyle Chandler



January 20, 2013

silver linings

Silver Linings Playbook

Great film illustrating the fact that everybody’s a little bit crazy. As my roommate says “Some people just function better than others.” Main characters Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence play their respectively fucked up parts beautifully and I am so proud of both of them. I’m not a big fan of Lawrence as a person but she impressed me with her cogent portrayal of a damaged woman in this film. Cooper was gorgeous as always and departed from his typical roles of a suave put together guy for this broken man suffering from multiple mental health issues.¬† On quests to fulfill their own goals and find silver linings moving forward from their traumas, the two find comfort in each other and realize their time together is the best therapy and also good ju ju for Cooper’s Dad, DeNiro’s Eagles. Great supporting cast in Jacki Weaver who played the ever worried, peace-keeping mother, Robert DeNiro the head of the house with his own touches of OCD and Superstition and Chris Tucker who brought just the right amount of comedic jail-breaking relief to the story. Never knew when he was going to pop up or if he was supposed to be there. Also, hey Julia Stiles! Where ya been, it’s good to see you. Well written and smartly executed, this is a movie that will make you think a little harder about your own eccentricities and remind us that everyone is dealing with something. It’s possible I appreciated this film more as a former Psych student with my fascination in how humans work and process things but i’d recommend it to anyone with emotions. Crazy as they are, I still envy Jennifer and Bradley’s relationship because they’ve found their compliments. I can only hope to find my crazy compliment someday.

Congratulations to Jennifer Lawrence for her Best Actress Golden Globe for Silver Linings Playbook.

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January 13, 2013


Les Miserables

What can I say? It’s Les Mis, and a pretty fuckin’ fantastic rendition of it, in my humble opinion. Moving and powerful as intended; in fact both Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried moved me tears. Hugh Jackman is the perfect Jean Valjean, strong yet sensitive and caring, and I over heard more than one person in the theater say “Who knew Wolverine could sing?” I knew he had been on Broadway and had hosted the Tony’s so I had high hopes for him and I was not disappointed. Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter were excellent in their filthy roles of crooked inn keepers and had the most upbeat numbers. Their daughter Eponine¬†who grows into Samantha Barks, was powerful and relatable. I truly felt sorry for her and felt her emotions. Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne harmonize like angels, plain and simple. Their love story has been added to that category of loves I will always aspire to have. Love at first sight at it’s finest and torn apart as quickly as it started. Fortunately the fates, better known as Hugh Jackman, mend their rift and they live to sing another day in perfect harmony. We did not expect Redmayne to have the powerful pipes he did, but in retrospect weren’t surprised. His natural speaking voice is so deep and hakney that he projected a marvelous Marius. Only quibble about Redmayne’s singing was he made some odd faces and shakes holding his long notes, but for someone who is not a professional singer, he did very well. Amanda had already proven her singing chops in 2008’s Mamma Mia (Gawd I love that one!) and she continues to upset us by not producing an album. Even the children and Marius’ gang of revolutionaries were excellent. I can’t rave enough about the performances in this film and I feel they deserve every award they receive this season. It is a testament to the original show and the cinematography alone is worth seeing it for. That and the satisfaction of Russell Crowe’s character, Javert getting his due… Who’s your Master and Commander now sir!? I truly loved this movie and feel it was done with the respect it deserved. I do love a musical and these songs will be stuck in my head for ages now. Thanks alot Claude-Michel Sch√∂nberg! Go see it. Go now.


January 12, 2013


Gangster Squad

At it’s base, this is just¬† L.A. Confidential from a slightly different angle and with shiny new young attractive actors. Mickey Cohen, played by Sean Penn is even mentioned in passing in L.A. Confidential. That previous knowledge aside, this is a pretty great gangster movie. When Mickey moves from Chicago to LA and starts shakin’ things up, a couple non-corrupt cops in town assemble a crack team to take down the mob boss and clean up the streets in the city of angels. Side story; Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone¬† rekindle their Crazy, Stupid, Love¬† amidst the dangers of Emma being Mickey’s kept woman. Of course no mobster takes disobedient cops lying down and when Mickey figures out whats happening and who are to blame (including his crimson companion) we reach the pinnacle all-out street war so infamous of the time. Surprisingly non-violent for the genre there’s only one death that actually bothered me and that’s mainly because I just don’t like seeing this particular actor harmed. Won’t tell you who because it was an unfortunate development that I wouldn’t want to rob you of. I love the time period and how well they recreated it’s simple yet fancy atmosphere. All the men look sharp and the ladies classy and I always enjoy colloquial quips like “bend my arm” instead of “smoke a cigarette”. I recommend this film to any fan of the gangster scene; It has a solid story, eloquent script and a compelling score.

Best Line:

Ryan to Emma: “Don’t go.”

Emma: “Don’t let me.”

COME ON. Who doesn’t wanna say that!?