A New Year

Ah, yes 2013 is here. Aside from scoffing at Mayans and surviving the apocalypse this means a new year of movies! My best friend and I are movie enthusiasts who spend most if not all of our free time viewing and discussing films. With our complimentary tastes, she favoring more macabre and me rom-coms, and our combined love for everything in between, we have generated quite the comprehensive library in our apartment. Each of us having a wall of over 500 DVDs and Blu-Rays, If there’s something you would like to watch, surely one of us has it. After years of being questioned “How many movies do you watch!?” I decided to keep track. Beginning New Year’s Day 2012, I began a list.  Rounding out the year at 371, I was actually surprised the number wasn’t higher. Intrigued at my own findings, i’ve decided to track my movies again this year with the added task of writing a brief review or impression of each film. Looking back at last year’s list I could tell by the patterns and moods of the films where i was in my life. For instance, sparse viewings meant i was seeing someone, the sudden surge of John Cusak films indicated a break-up, and blocks of one actors’ entire filmography meant my roommate had a new obsession. Though not everyone understands it, movies are important to me. They let you escape your mundane everyday life in exchange for an out-of-this-world adventure, or a glimpse of the past, or my favorite an incredible love story that you will undoubtedly measure all your own relationships against. I am excited to see what this next year will bring in life and film and I shall begin my list… Now.

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One thought on “A New Year

  1. Paul S says:

    Good luck with your list, I’m so intrigued I’m going to follow your progress!

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