January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013


An excellent way to begin the year. This retro-futuristic look at the mob is a real temple pleaser. You have to be willing to pay attention but if you can follow, it is extraordinary. Bruce Willis delivers his anticipated devilishly handsome, devil-may-care, growly performance and Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a young Bruce proud. Must say the prosthetic face he was sporting did not help the story and actually was more of a distraction than anything else. I think if viewers couldn’t figure out their connection… that would have been their loss. Don’t deprive JGL of his lovely features. Loved Emily Blunt’s impressive lack of a British accent and her complete immersion in the mid-west farmer’s culture. I have to credit this film with having the most disturbing use of time traveling torture and for successfully grossing me out without a single drop of blood shown. My only real complaint about this theoretical future is that there are still printers of any sort. Though it was refreshing they weren’t using invisible, credit card sized cellphones. This is probably the most realistic rendition of the future i’ve seen in quite a while… minus the time jumping thing. All in all I would highly recommend this film to anyone wanting to see something they haven’t already seen a million times.

Favorite Lines:
Bruce to his former JGL self: “Shut your stupid fucking child mouth!”
Emily to JGL: “I will blow you the fuck in half!”

See it and let me know what you think!

January 1, 2013

The Pajama Game

I’ve taken it upon myself to share all the old movies I grew up with with my roommate. The Pajama Game was a tape I nearly wore out. My childhood was full of musicals and strong female characters and with role models like Doris Day molding me it’s no wonder I turned out to be such a strong willed individual who will sing through any situation. This 1957 gem is a glorious example of how far women’s rights had already come and watching it back now i’m made even more aware of how far they’ve come since. As a child I was never phased by the comments and pet names that would have any decent woman these days screaming “Sexual Harassment” to HR, or as they refer to it, the Grievance Committee. Infectious tunes and dance moves the King of Pop, Michael Jackson couldn’t help but borrow, keep this little film about the union’s struggle for a seven and a half CENT raise bopping along. The Pajama Game was ahead of it’s time and pushed the envelope of outspoken and strong women and i’m glad to have been exposed to it growing up! If you haven’t seen it, you should; If only to gasp at the simplicity of life in the 50’s.

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