January 2, 2013


Moonrise Kingdom

What an interesting little film. It is classic, quirky, Wes Andersen style with many of my favorite people on one island. I honestly never thought i’d see Bill Murray and Bruce Willis in a car together and Bruce certainly wouldn’t be dressed as a New England mall cop. Frances McDormand and Bill Murray (always a favorite of mine) play their roles of lawyerly disinterested parents superbly and in the first five minutes you can actually feel what it must be like to live in their home. Edward Norton is excellent as a well-intentioned scout leader and if I ever went away to camp, i’d want him running the show. I love the overall mood of this film more than any of it’s individual pieces and despite it’s protagonists being pre-pubescent, I true to form, long for the relationship they have. Sure in their motives and trusting only the knowledge of books and skills acquired in scouts, the young couple sets out on a journey to escape their mundane lives and be accepted by each other, finding themselves and staking claim to their own idyllic land in the process. Accessible in its language and relatable to our own recollection of teenage wanderlust, this film holds a special niche in my collection. As is true with any Wes Anderson film, it’s not for everyone. My 78 year old grandmother for instance, despised it. But if she had come to me beforehand I could have predicted that. Children running away together, flat humor and general disregard for authority don’t exactly appeal to her demographic. But I liked it and I would recommend it to any of my peers.

Favorite Lines:

Bruce to Frances: “Well, I didn’t know!” The timing and delivery were perfect.

Bill Murray [during a storm]: “I hope the roof flies off and I get sucked up into space.” He’s not even kidding.

Sam: What happened to your hand?   Suzy: I got hit in the mirror.

Sam: I accidentally built a fire while I was sleepwalking. I have no memory of this.

I could go on, but that would take all the fun out of it for you!

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