January 12, 2013


Gangster Squad

At it’s base, this is just  L.A. Confidential from a slightly different angle and with shiny new young attractive actors. Mickey Cohen, played by Sean Penn is even mentioned in passing in L.A. Confidential. That previous knowledge aside, this is a pretty great gangster movie. When Mickey moves from Chicago to LA and starts shakin’ things up, a couple non-corrupt cops in town assemble a crack team to take down the mob boss and clean up the streets in the city of angels. Side story; Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone  rekindle their Crazy, Stupid, Love  amidst the dangers of Emma being Mickey’s kept woman. Of course no mobster takes disobedient cops lying down and when Mickey figures out whats happening and who are to blame (including his crimson companion) we reach the pinnacle all-out street war so infamous of the time. Surprisingly non-violent for the genre there’s only one death that actually bothered me and that’s mainly because I just don’t like seeing this particular actor harmed. Won’t tell you who because it was an unfortunate development that I wouldn’t want to rob you of. I love the time period and how well they recreated it’s simple yet fancy atmosphere. All the men look sharp and the ladies classy and I always enjoy colloquial quips like “bend my arm” instead of “smoke a cigarette”. I recommend this film to any fan of the gangster scene; It has a solid story, eloquent script and a compelling score.

Best Line:

Ryan to Emma: “Don’t go.”

Emma: “Don’t let me.”

COME ON. Who doesn’t wanna say that!?


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