January 13, 2013


Les Miserables

What can I say? It’s Les Mis, and a pretty fuckin’ fantastic rendition of it, in my humble opinion. Moving and powerful as intended; in fact both Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried moved me tears. Hugh Jackman is the perfect Jean Valjean, strong yet sensitive and caring, and I over heard more than one person in the theater say “Who knew Wolverine could sing?” I knew he had been on Broadway and had hosted the Tony’s so I had high hopes for him and I was not disappointed. Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter were excellent in their filthy roles of crooked inn keepers and had the most upbeat numbers. Their daughter Eponine who grows into Samantha Barks, was powerful and relatable. I truly felt sorry for her and felt her emotions. Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne harmonize like angels, plain and simple. Their love story has been added to that category of loves I will always aspire to have. Love at first sight at it’s finest and torn apart as quickly as it started. Fortunately the fates, better known as Hugh Jackman, mend their rift and they live to sing another day in perfect harmony. We did not expect Redmayne to have the powerful pipes he did, but in retrospect weren’t surprised. His natural speaking voice is so deep and hakney that he projected a marvelous Marius. Only quibble about Redmayne’s singing was he made some odd faces and shakes holding his long notes, but for someone who is not a professional singer, he did very well. Amanda had already proven her singing chops in 2008’s Mamma Mia (Gawd I love that one!) and she continues to upset us by not producing an album. Even the children and Marius’ gang of revolutionaries were excellent. I can’t rave enough about the performances in this film and I feel they deserve every award they receive this season. It is a testament to the original show and the cinematography alone is worth seeing it for. That and the satisfaction of Russell Crowe’s character, Javert getting his due… Who’s your Master and Commander now sir!? I truly loved this movie and feel it was done with the respect it deserved. I do love a musical and these songs will be stuck in my head for ages now. Thanks alot Claude-Michel Schönberg! Go see it. Go now.



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