January 20, 2013

silver linings

Silver Linings Playbook

Great film illustrating the fact that everybody’s a little bit crazy. As my roommate says “Some people just function better than others.” Main characters Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence play their respectively fucked up parts beautifully and I am so proud of both of them. I’m not a big fan of Lawrence as a person but she impressed me with her cogent portrayal of a damaged woman in this film. Cooper was gorgeous as always and departed from his typical roles of a suave put together guy for this broken man suffering from multiple mental health issues.  On quests to fulfill their own goals and find silver linings moving forward from their traumas, the two find comfort in each other and realize their time together is the best therapy and also good ju ju for Cooper’s Dad, DeNiro’s Eagles. Great supporting cast in Jacki Weaver who played the ever worried, peace-keeping mother, Robert DeNiro the head of the house with his own touches of OCD and Superstition and Chris Tucker who brought just the right amount of comedic jail-breaking relief to the story. Never knew when he was going to pop up or if he was supposed to be there. Also, hey Julia Stiles! Where ya been, it’s good to see you. Well written and smartly executed, this is a movie that will make you think a little harder about your own eccentricities and remind us that everyone is dealing with something. It’s possible I appreciated this film more as a former Psych student with my fascination in how humans work and process things but i’d recommend it to anyone with emotions. Crazy as they are, I still envy Jennifer and Bradley’s relationship because they’ve found their compliments. I can only hope to find my crazy compliment someday.

Congratulations to Jennifer Lawrence for her Best Actress Golden Globe for Silver Linings Playbook.

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