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January 20, 2013

silver linings

Silver Linings Playbook

Great film illustrating the fact that everybody’s a little bit crazy. As my roommate says “Some people just function better than others.” Main characters Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence play their respectively fucked up parts beautifully and I am so proud of both of them. I’m not a big fan of Lawrence as a person but she impressed me with her cogent portrayal of a damaged woman in this film. Cooper was gorgeous as always and departed from his typical roles of a suave put together guy for this broken man suffering from multiple mental health issues.  On quests to fulfill their own goals and find silver linings moving forward from their traumas, the two find comfort in each other and realize their time together is the best therapy and also good ju ju for Cooper’s Dad, DeNiro’s Eagles. Great supporting cast in Jacki Weaver who played the ever worried, peace-keeping mother, Robert DeNiro the head of the house with his own touches of OCD and Superstition and Chris Tucker who brought just the right amount of comedic jail-breaking relief to the story. Never knew when he was going to pop up or if he was supposed to be there. Also, hey Julia Stiles! Where ya been, it’s good to see you. Well written and smartly executed, this is a movie that will make you think a little harder about your own eccentricities and remind us that everyone is dealing with something. It’s possible I appreciated this film more as a former Psych student with my fascination in how humans work and process things but i’d recommend it to anyone with emotions. Crazy as they are, I still envy Jennifer and Bradley’s relationship because they’ve found their compliments. I can only hope to find my crazy compliment someday.

Congratulations to Jennifer Lawrence for her Best Actress Golden Globe for Silver Linings Playbook.

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January 11, 2013



Ok. So. This was supposed to be horrible. We had boycotted seeing this film on principle. We couldn’t get past the absurdity of taking a board game of grids and red pegs and turning it into anything with substance. Having successfully avoided it through theaters, and receiving an abominable preliminary review from my trusted critic roommate, I was sure I had missed the window of being made to see it. That is until one Mr. Taylor Kitsch appeared as Gambit in Wolverine igniting a fire in her loins that could only be sated by viewing every item in his filmography. As the supportive friend I am and now with morbid curiosity for this film that had sunk so horribly at the box office, I willing sat down to invest the time and give Battleship it’s moment of couch glory. I went into it with the mindset that it would be two hours of attractive people in perilous situations surrounded by water and impressive effects and I was not wrong. However, it also had decent dialogue and it actually took the time to develop it’s characters. Though we couldn’t actually remember Brooklyn Decker’s character’s name and we kept calling her “Hungry”. But that aside, I actually kinda liked this movie. Granted, it’s basically water Transformers without Shia LaBeouf or friendly Autobots, but so is the forthcoming Pacific Rim, and we will be seeing that too. I’m actually sad Kitsch caught such crap for this movie, he was understatedly hilarious with one liners and situational puns and hey… He’s hot. Rihanna wasn’t horrible either. She didn’t wow me with untapped acting talent but she had a natural presence that blended well into the setting. There were giggly moments when the actual game board logic was incorporated, but it was kept to a minimum and was done tastefully. Best part of the film was the recruitment of legit retired navy sailors into saving the world. You could tell they had sea years on them and they brought a level of respect to the story I had not expected. In conclusion, and a drastic turn of events from a few hours ago, I actually wouldn’t discourage any action movie fan from seeing this. Go ahead, it’s worth the 131 minute runtime.

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